Welcome to the home of Libby Chan...

  • My Living Water UK is the producer of 'Libby Chan'
    – a probiotic cleaning liquid that contains Active Impact Microorganisms.

  • All ingredients used to make Libby Chan are edible and Libby Chan
    is great for breaking down oil, grease, grime & organic waste and
    eliminating (not masking) smells.

  • Libby Chan is full of beneficial bacteria & other Active Impact
    Microorganisms. It cleans your home and makes the
    microbial environment safe and even friendly!

  • Now you can dump all the nasty chemicals, the disinfectant sprays
    and the rubber gloves and know that your home is toxic-chemical free,
    cleaner & a safer environment posing no threat to you and
    your family’s immediate and long-term health.

"This product is without a doubt the best thing I've ever used in my house for cleaning
and I'm particularly pleased because as you may know I love enzymes! I sprayed some
on a garlicky chopping board which I usually have to use a sterilising fluid on and this
amazing healthy probiotic cleaner not only got rid of the garlic smell but also made the
board so clean it looked as though I'd bleached it! Hygiene is paramount in my kitchen
and chemicals are really bad for our health so massive thumbs up! - it's a brilliant product."
Kirsty Wright, Gourmet Raw Food Chef, May 2013.