Dust Mite Allergies? Asthma? Eczema?

fight them from the ground up with Libby Chan probiotic cleaner!

With 1 in 11 children now suffering from asthma & 1 in 5 from eczema and a wide held belief that chemicals in the home, in part at least, have contributed to this, we need to explore all methods of relief & prevention and not just rely on ever stronger steroid creams, inhalers and other drugs. Household dust is a major problem for allergy sufferers. Made up of organic dander from pets, dead skin cells, food residue, plant & insect parts, mold, fungal spores, dust mites & their faeces, it is no surprise that if you can decrease these 'dust' allergens in your home then it can only have a positive impact for allergy sufferers.

Libby Chan can form the first line of defence against these allergens. Libby's Active Impact Microorganisms - or as we like to call them our 'micro-libbys' - are great at reducing dust in your home. With consistent use the micro-libbys start to live on your surfaces, happily breaking down and feasting on dust as it settles. Libby Chan is so good at this that if used correctly you should notice a significant decrease in the amount of visible dust on certain surfaces within just a week of using Libby Chan! Black painted surfaces, wooden furniture, TV screens are notorious dust magnets - not with Libby though.

Don't restrict Libby Chan to just the living room however as bedrooms are the number one destination for dust mites. Some people don't realise that it is actually the dust mite faeces that people are allergic to, not the mites themselves. As a single mite may produce up to 200x its own body weight in waste during its life time that is a lot of allergy causing poo! Lots of this will be found in your bed as mites love the warmth and moisture produced from our bodies! - yuck...

But don't worry as Libby Chan can even help you here. Libby's friendly bacteria actually feed on dust mite faeces, they love to munch it! They can also compete with the mites for moisture so could help reduce the actual mite population! You can spray me on your mattress, pillows, duvets, sheets - everything!

Are you a pet loving household?

Pets are the 2nd most important cause of allergy in the home with 50% of asthmatic children sensitised to the allergens of cats and 40% to dog allergens. Rabbits, hamsters & other furry friends also cause reactivity.

Allergens are found in the organic products they create, saliva, sweat, urine & dander, which also cause reactivity in eczema & hay-fever sufferers.

THE ANSWER: Libby's Smelly Pet Tonic's billions of friendly bacteria & enzymes love feasting & destroying these organic compounds radically decreasing the presence of allergens in your home.

Ease the sneeze & the wheeze - buy libby's pet tonic bundle now!