Though many people's sanctuary the bathroom is probably the least favourite room in the house to clean! A little bit of Libby Chan frequently
and often will make the room cleaner, healthier and much easier to clean when the BIG clean comes along. Spraying the bathtub and shower after each use and the sink morning & night will allow Libby Chan to get a foothold in your bathroom and start to clean before you get down and dirty with your cloths and old toothbrushes!

general cleaning points...

  • sinks & baths: spray Libby Chan and rub well with a sponge. Rinse and spray again lightly and just leave.
  • mirrors & taps: spray Libby Chan, clean & wipe off then buff with a dry cloth.
  • stains around taps: spray libby chan then agitate with an old toothbrush or similar. Rinse, spray area again and leave.
  • after shower/bath: as soon as you've finished bathing spray the walls, bath tub or shower tray with Libby Chan. Get dry & changed then return to give everything a wipe down and finish with a light spray.
  • drains: pour a small cup of neat libby chan down the plug hole every 2weeks or so to help keep pipes clear.

plug holes & pipes

For smelly plug holes just pour some Libby Chan down before you leave home in the morning and last thing at night. If it's particularly smelly try 50ml of neat Libby Chan for a week or so. If your plug hole is blocked please do not buy toxic drain clearers, get a plunger and clear it properly then use Libby Chan regularly to help it stay clear naturally and safely.

septic tanks

If you live off grid, or use a septic tank then Libby Chan is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST THING to use to clean your bathroom sanitary ware. Septic tanks depend on beneficial bacteria, if you are flushing bleach, chemical cleaners or even "green" anti-bacs down there daily then the balance will be destroyed and the tank will not work. Libby Chan ensures the balance is maintained and can even be used to restore the bacterial balance in tanks that aren't working efficiently.


just spray and the stink is gone!

Tired of trying to mask toilet smells with chemically laden air fresheners that just don't quite work or leave you feeling a bit queasy? Good, because most of them are full of toxic rubbish and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and we should not be using them. Libby Chan is a fantastic natural & safe odour killer, a couple of sprays into the bowl & into the air and Libby Chan will get to work immediately on any nasty whiff. Libby Chan is also great at killing ammonia smells so if, like mum Sawa below, your young boy/s have trouble aiming straight and tend to get more pee on the floor than in the bowl just spray with Libby Chan! You can use Libby Chan anywhere to destroy nasty smells so don't restrict it to the toilet (but leave a spray bottle in there so visitors get the hint...)

  • cleaning: after the final flush each night pour one cap full of Libby Chan into the toilet, spray under
    the rim and lightly spray the toilet seat. This will make the big weekly clean much easier
    and ramp up the population of cleaning enzymes & friendly bacteria where they are most needed.
  • toilet seat: spray with Libby Chan top & bottom then wipe off. Repeat morning & night.
  • old stains: if you have tough, old stains in the toilet bowl then these will be clinging to the
    dreaded limescale. You'll need to descale this first - vinegar and a brillo (or fine wire wool)
    works best. Once you've descaled and got rid of the stains use Libby Chan as normal.
    Libby will clean your toilet safely and help prevent the build up of new limescale.
    Remember: all the toxic bleach was mostly doing was 'bleaching' the stains white so it
    just looked clean while doing proper damage to you & your family.