Are you a keen gardener? Would you like to compost ALL of your kitchen waste and produce a super-powered bokashi pre-compost and incredible plant feed as a result? Then bokashi it!

After reading this simple introduction to bokashi just click through to our dedicated bokashi website for videos, tips and more to kick-start your bokashi adventure!

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a japanese fermentation process that uses a Libby activator liquid & bran to super-speed your home waste into compost. Using this system you can compost not only raw veg & fruit waste but also cooked waste, dairy, meat, fish and even small bones! The addition of bran and Libby means the friendly bacteria get to work fermenting your waste quickly. Because of this and Libby's amazing odour eating properties, the smells from decaying meat or fish that would normally attract vermin are contained. Libby's active impact microorganisms ferment your waste and will super-speed your compost heap if the bokashi is added to it when it has finished fermenting. The best use though is to bury it in your vegetable plot or raised beds to create a haven for worms and all things good! Want to buy now? Just click our logo right to go through to our bokashi shop where you can buy Libby's Bokashi and all other Libby brand products too!

Libby's Bokashi

We aim to provide the most successful bokashi system on the UK market. By separating the bran and the accelerator liquid and providing step by step videos on the process we are confident you will never have a failed fermentation. We have been bokashi-ing for many years and our experience & failures with other systems have been brought together in Libby's Bokashi to create an easy to use, enjoyable and productive system. Libby's Bokashi bundle A includes a 20.5litre bokashi bin with draw-off tap, 500ml of Libby bokashi concentrate, 1KG of Libby bran & instructions. 500ml of Libby concentrate & 1KG of bran is more than enough to fill this bokashi bin twice, giving the average household over 2months of enjoyable bokashi-ing...

We also provide a 1KG top-up, 2KG top-up and a 3KG top-up to keep you going once you have used the initial Libby concentrate & Libby bran included in the bundle. We have also introduced subscribe & save options for the top-ups to save you even more! If you buy Libby's DUAL bokashi system (bundle B) you get double of everything! 2 bokashi bins, 2bottles of Libby concentrate & 2KG of Libby bran. The second bin means you can continue collecting your food waste while the other full bokashi bin sits happily fermenting away.

Buy Bokashi Now

"I’d wanted a bokashi bucket for a long time and my daughter gave me one of your bokashi systems for Xmas
and I am loving it! I couldn’t believe that even after 5days of piling in our kitchen waste there was absolutely
no smell! It’s been 10days now and not a nasty smell anywhere. I hope the worms enjoy it as much as I am!"
Lynn Byers, Reading.

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Save More with our Gardening Bundles:

Here we like to bundle things to help you save even more. Our gardening bundles are made up of our bokashi system along with MOG-OFF! & BBQ-Blitzer. Just click on any image to be taken through to our living shop.

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