First Timers

If you are new to Libby Chan or have just bought your first ever supply then we welcome you to the growing band of Libby Chan users. Your Libby Chan has been made from combining 100% natural, edible ingredients with a little bit of time, heat and singing! NO toxic chemicals, NO surfactants, NO synthesized enzymes, NO artificial perfumes, Libby Chan is just full of friendly bacteria and other active impact microorganisms that feed on all the nasties in your home.

Your bottle of Libby Chan is a concentrate that should be diluted with water. Our My Libby Spray bottles are ideal for this and can be found along with Libby Chan in our shop. Just 100ml of Libby Chan concentrate will make half a litre of Libby Chan cleaner, a good amount to get started with, experiment with and learn as you go about the diverse uses of Libby Chan. To get you going we have created a basic cleaning guideline PDF which can be downloaded above. You can also click the 'Around the Home', 'Kitchen' & 'Bathroom' links above for more info'.

One of the most important points to remember when cleaning with Libby Chan is that anything antibacterial will kill all the friendly bacteria that are working hard for you. If you are new to Libby Chan be strong and throw out that bottle of antibacterial cleaner so you don't accidentally use it and undo all your good work! Remember Libby Chan works by gaining a foothold in your home environment and gets stronger with consistent, uninterrupted use.

Before & After Images

Browse through these images showing some basic household applications of Libby Chan.