here we have answered all the common questions that people tend to ask us before they start using Libby Chan or have just started to use it. you can submit any question not answered here to us via email and we will reply personally and add your question to this page.

Q. Where can I use it?

Anywhere. As Libby Chan is made from 100% edible natural products you can experiment with it anywhere in the home on any surface. It can replace all the separate cleaners you’d normally buy.

Q. How do I use it?

No gloves required! Pour the concentrate into your My Libby Spray bottle and dilute with normal tap water. You need to adjust your cleaning routine slightly to enable Libby Chan to get to work. Spray, leave a couple of minutes, wipe and spray again.

Q. Is it safe?

It is completely safe. You can use it around your children, pets and all your family knowing that you aren’t exposing them to anything toxic or in any way detrimental to their health. If kids get hold of it and drink it then just give them a glass of water to take the taste away.

Q. Why doesn’t it smell like normal cleaners?

It doesn’t smell like bleach because it doesn’t contain sodium hypochlorite which is so harmful to us. People need to get stop thinking ‘if it smells like bleach it must be clean’ or kitchen cleaners have to smell lemony etc. Libby Chan will destroy odours not just mask them so your home will smell like your home.

Q. Is it expensive?

It is actually cheaper than mass produced chemical cleaners & popular green cleaners. 1litre of concentrate will make 5litres of cleaning solution which makes the average per litre price £1.80.

Q. Why should I use it?

The average household contains 200hazardous chemicals. Most of these are contained in the bleaches, disinfectants and other cleaning products under you kitchen sink or in your bathroom. Recent studies in North America have shown the air INSIDE the home to be 10% more toxic than the air outside the home – they have conclusively linked this to chemicals in cleaning products. Our family’s long-term health is at stake here, you can dump all the chemicals and all the threats by moving over to Libby Chan.

Q. How does it work?

During the fermentation process the friendly bacteria produce Active Impact Microorganisms that are wonderful odour eaters, grease eaters and most importantly keep the bad bacteria in your home in balance. It starts to ‘live’ in your home and keep it clean, balanced & safe.

Q. What is the best way to use it?

Keep a spray bottle in the kitchen and another in each bathroom. This should then give you easy access all over the house when cleaning. Use whenever and wherever you would any other cleaner & air freshener. It is a great glass cleaner too with fantastic anti-static properties. Give your rooms a spray, just into the air, each morning before you leave for work or take the kids to school and before you go to bed. This will really increase the number of active friendly bacteria quickly and keep your home odour free.

Q. How long can I use it?

For your diluted cleaning solution you can just sniff it! If it still smells fermented, that kind of sweet/sour pickled smell, then keep using it. If it smells cheesy then you need to make a new dilution. Great thing is you can pour the old cleaner down the sink or into the toilet knowing that it will actually have a positive effect on your waste systems and help to keep your pipes clear!

Q. There are white bits floating on the top, does this mean it has gone off?

No, this is just dead soy bacteria and does not mean the liquid has gone off. You can either leave them in the liquid (they are completely harmless) or strain them off. If strained off they make a great garden fertilizer or pour down your sink where they will be food for the friendly bacteria.

Q. Can I use it neat?

For more stubborn stains or ingrained dirt Libby Chan can be used neat. For potentially sensitive surfaces (wood, laminate, stone etc.) we strongly recommend you test it in an inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn't affect the surface.

Q. Can I drink it?

While Libby Chan is perfectly safe it has not been tested for human consumption and is not sold for this purpose.

Q. I have a grey water recycling system, is Libby Chan ok to use?

Absolutely. If you have installed a grey water recycling system and clean with Libby Chan you can be confident that you are not using recycled water containing contaminants from bleach or other chemical cleaners. Libby Chan can only add to the effectiveness of the recycled water when it is used in your washing machine, dishwasher or toilet.