Water Kefir

Under our drinks brand Crookednose we have produced a water kefir drink full of health, life & zing! At just 17 calories a bottle, our water kefir is a probiotic powerhouse, loaded with minerals & vitamins AND tastes delicious! Kefir Zing is a sparking live culture drink flavoured with organic ingredients. Learn more about water kefir by going to our dedicated website.


Discover the new, dairy free, alternative to sugary pop drinks. Produced via fermentation, our water kefir contains a wide variety of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. As well as rebalancing your gut flora, it is also loaded with valuable enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Oh, and it tastes delicious too! Kefir Zing is a premium artisan product, we only use high quality organic ingredients that will quench the thirst and refresh the palette.

Not all health drinks are the same! Dare to be different with a probiotic punch!

  • Probiotic.
  • Tastes delicious.
  • Just 17 calories per bottle.
  • Full of health, life & zing.
  • Loaded with minerals & vitamins.
  • Sparking live culture drink.

You can buy our fab water kefir online. Just click the Kefir Zing image to zoom through to our dedicated kefir shop where you can purchase safely & securely.


Our five flavours combine fruity organic infusions with live-culture laden water kefir. With a bit of fizz Kefir Zing is a delicious, refreshing drink enjoyed any time of day!

Our zesty Lemon & Ginger first smacks your lips with a fiery shot of ginger. Then come the citrus lemony notes to mellow closely followed by a deeper, muskier ginger finish.

Bilberry burts onto your tongue with a fruity boom. Complex hits of berry-goodness continue over your palette for a drink of real depth.

Rosehip gently kisses your lips with a light, cool, hint of refreshing rose subtly backed-up by more complex hedgerow friends.

Elderberry is a floral delight. The berry is backed-up with a touch of elderflower for a drink that is sophisticated & light.

Blackcurrant explodes with childhood nostalgia in another one of our hedgerow zings! Blackcurrant is hugely refreshing & mighty fruity - a blackcurrant blast from the past!


A list of kefir zing stockists can be found on our dedicated Kefir Zing website.