New Borns & Toddlers

As we were starting Libby Chan one of the bank managers we met told us that when she was pregnant she had found herself reading the labels on all her cleaning products very closely, she became acutely aware of the amount of toxic chemicals in her home and wanted to find alternatives while pregnant and to use after her baby was born. She said how she wished Libby Chan had been around then! Libby Chan is the answer for expectant and new mothers alike. Use it in place of all those separate chemical laden cleaners and be confident that you are not exposing yourself & your child to any toxic chemicals.

  • Libby Chan is great at eating odours so stinky nappies lose their potency when sprayed with Libby Chan!
  • spray, wipe & spray again your nappy changing mat after use.
  • spray your toddler's potty after use & into the surrounding air to eliminate smells.
  • when young boys start using the 'grown up's' toilet they often miss, we know this as our neighbour has two young boys and her downstairs cloakroom didn't smell particularly nice... she started spraying the room with Libby Chan and was amazed how good it was!
  • spray and wipe your toddlers high-chair tray and be confident they are not ingesting any chemicals when they eat off of it and not their dish!

want to hear other mums & dads talk about Libby Chan? just click a vid...

Out & About

Do you worry about the cleanliness of public restrooms in shops & restaurants when you have to change your baby?
Do you cringe at the thought of those dedicated baby changing tables and what might be on them?
Do you know what the pub has used to clean the table on their customer high-chair or even if it has been cleaned?

Talking to mums has told us that all of you have very similar concerns. Libby Chan not only helps you in your home environment but you can
take it out with you too. Simply use a small 50ml or 100ml atomiser spray that you can fill up with diluted Libby Chan & put in your bag before going
out with the kids.

  • use it to spray the nappy changing table in the shop toilet before & after use.
  • spray the used nappy before you roll & dispose of it.
  • spray & wipe the high-chair table before they drop their food and start eating off of it.
  • spray and wipe their fingers after they've used them as a knife & fork!

Forget the TCP!

Do your rough and tumble young ones often come in with scratches, grazes and cuts? Just Libby them! Lactic acid is naturally antiseptic and Libby contains this in abundance so next time they climb that tree and scrape their elbow get out the magic water!