The hub of many a family home, the kitchen is without doubt the room with the potential to get very very grimey. Cooking oils, spilt food, grease, dirty extractor fans, oven cleaning, dropped food between units all add up to one very messy room which really needs daily attention to keep on top of. This is exactly what Libby Chan loves to do as the more you use it the more libby chan starts to live and the more it will clean!

some uses for Libby Chan in your kitchen...

  • strong cooking smells like fish: after cooking just spray Libby Chan into the air around the kitchen as you would a normal air freshener.
  • around the hob: soak up any big puddles of oil/grease first then spray liberally with Libby Chan. after 5minutes wipe and then finish with a light spray and just leave.
  • chopping boards: soak some kitchen towel in Libby Chan, place on the chopping board and leave over night. Repeat this at least once a week.
  • tiles & splashback behind hob: spray Libby Chan over whole area, wipe and remove after 5minutes and finish with a light spray.
  • as a multisurface cleaner: use in & around the sink to destroy odours, remove scum and watermarks. Use to clean all types of worktops (wood, granite, laminate etc).
  • spray your kitchen bin every day to stop bad odours developing.
  • as a floor cleaner: pour 25ml of neat Libby Chan into a bucket of warm water to clean your kitchen floor. For accidental spills just spray with Libby Chan and wipe up as normal.

Cleaning Adjustment

You need to give the Active Impact Microorganisms a little bit more time to gain a foothold in your kitchen. Do not spray Libby Chan and wipe off immediately, you need to spray, leave it for a couple of minutes then wipe, finish with a light spray & just leave. This small change in your cleaning routine is not difficult and is essential for Libby Chan to start to 'live' in your kitchen and continue keeping the nasties at bay even while you sleep. In the videos below Helen talks about ditching the bleach & the adjustment to her cleaning routine while Jon talks about Libby Chan and the dreaded oven clean.

why you should use Libby Chan

Cleaning your dirty hob with toxic chemical sprays & bleach is just plain bad for your health. The spray will linger in the air and you are breathing that in. It gets even worse if you spray it while hot as the fumes these chemicals give off under-heat are often even more dangerous. You also have to wipe it all up of course and a piece of kitchen towel doesn't provide much of a safety barrier between the chemicals and your skin.

Disinfectant surface sprays which purport to kill 99% of all bacteria just will not keep your surfaces clean or safe. They don't discriminate so kill all the friendly bacteria too which means 24hours later your surfaces are just covered again in a huge number of nasties. You can't see them and the surface may still look clean but they are THERE.

Libby Chan uses nature to put friendly bacteria back into your kitchen so they keep the bad bacteria in check. The other active impact microorganisms contained in Libby Chan are fantastic at breaking down odours, grease, dirt & grime therefore Libby Chan cleans safely & effectively and continues to clean effectively long after you have used it while posing absolutely no threat to you & your family's health.